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Risky flavours that end up playing out great on the palette are the speciality of Attic Brew Co. founding duo Oli and Sam. Their almost playful approach to Craft Beer is the rare and refreshing change of pace all of us brew lovers have been waiting for…


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It’s always great when people start a venture based on something they truly love. Well, Oli and Sam truly love beer. They love beer so much that they started brewing from Sam’s bedroom while still attending University. A few years and several self-convincing conversations later, the duo were ready to start brewing for the world.

In November 2018, Attic rolled out its first lot of Craft Beers to an overwhelmingly positive response. The unbelievable show of support from local drinkers led to Oli and Sam expanding production; quadrupling original capacity in fact, within the span of just two years! It was Attic’s varied Craft Beer offering and the completely unconventional take on it; mixing unthought-of flavour combinations to great success, that convinced audiences to take to it so quickly.

Innovation rates high at Attic, a factor that is evidenced by their barrel ageing program; the output of which is now available in the market. The ‘Attic’ space is also not just a brewery and taproom alone, but, rather a place where fans of Craft Beer, artists, and people in general can alternatively come to meet, and share art and culture. This could be the first instance that such a meeting of souls and emotions has been promoted through the prospect of beer, and we are just thankful that it was initiated by a brand as youthful and vibrant as Attic.

To Craft Beer, With Love... From The Attic To The World

“As two people who lived for the brew and now brew for a living, every single day revolves around Attic and what we can do to take the energetic appeal of our beers to the next level.

We know our offering has a certain unique ‘grab’ that drinkers really love, which is something we intend to keep on improving by adding more value, and more excitement over time.”

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