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The ‘Cold Gold’ from Ethiopia, Habesha is a rich, smooth lager that holds a character and identity that is as vast and proud as the land it is brewed in.

The ‘Cold Gold’ from Ethiopia, Habesha is a rich, smooth larger that holds a character and identity that is as vast and proud as the land it is brewed in.

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    Habesha, Beer

    Habesha Lager

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    Habesha Lager


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    6x330ml (33cl) Case | 12x330ml (33cl) Case

    Brewed from Ethiopia’s best water, directly sourced from the highland grounds of Debre Birhan.



    5 reviews for Habesha Lager

    1. Peter (Verified customer)

      gbEngland, United Kingdom


    2. Adrian Faben (Verified customer)

      gbEngland, United Kingdom

      Just the same as we drank in Ethiopia, great tasting beer

    3. Nigel H. (Verified customer)

      gbEngland, United Kingdom

      A great tasting refreshing lager

    4. Adrian Faben (Verified customer)

      gbEngland, United Kingdom

      Just like being back in Addis Ababa

    5. Peter (Verified customer)

      gbEngland, United Kingdom

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Habesha Lager

Golden in colour, and rich in aroma; Habesha is an extravagant larger that also displays a good measure of both heart and soul.

Brewed using the best ingredients sourced from the farmlands of Ethiopia, and given its unique crisp and refreshing essence by the Debre Birhan highland waters, Habesha achieves a perfect balance between full-bodied taste and smooth drinkability.

Our Story

The Habesha Brewery is worked by 300 individuals representing various ethnicities and social backgrounds, and the beer that they make is in turn, a representation of this diversity that is quintessentially Ethiopian. And, when you craft a brew that is a highlight of a nation and its culture, you can be assured that its makers put in their best efforts to make it a phenomenal one.

Habesha Beer is made exclusively from Ethiopian yeast, barley, and hops; a rich mix of natural ingredients that is infused with the purity of the highland ground water of Debre Birhan. By following a high-standard brewing process, Habesha Breweries is able to guarantee a rich, golden beer that is very aptly nicknamed ‘Cold Gold’. 

The Brewery works very closely with local farmers, helping them grow better quality barley, which in turn helps their businesses prosper. Providing them with high-quality seeds increase their yield and ensures demand for the grown barley. Such handpicked ingredients are what makes the taste of Habesha beer second to none.

Now, like we said at the start, Habesha is Ethiopia’s spirit personified in beer. And, through the many distinctions and nuances they have artfully infused, the people behind Habesha have managed to create a truly classy lager that delivers on the vision set out for it.

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A beer that holds the soul of a nation

“Habesha is a gift to beer lovers around the world, wrapped in Ethiopian spirit. It is the basis on which we founded the brand, and the vision that drives our efforts on a daily basis. Every time someone enjoys one of our ‘Cold Gold’ beers, we will think of it as a moment when our identity was felt, experienced, and loved; an outcome that is to us, a success on its own…”

 Habesha Beer is a celebration of togetherness. It is produced by a strong team and made to be enjoyed together with family and friends (although we won’t hold it against you if you enjoy an occasional Habesha all on your own!). Steeped in tradition and history, Habesha is true Ethiopian pride, and a drink like no other.

Try it once and you will surely agree!

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