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Have you ever tasted liquors so fine, that inspiration hits you the same time the first drop touches your tongue; each note and nuance of every consequent sip telling you that you’ve got something phenomenal in your hand, and that maybe… you should do something more with it?

For Anand Subbiah and Simon Wheeler; two North Londoners with a love for fine spirits and good times, providence came on the day they had their first swallow of ‘Old Bakery’ Gin. The ultra-smooth quality of the spirit and its bright citrusy tones, were unlike anything they had ever tasted.

Ritualistic trips to the Famous Palmers Green Distillery to sample ‘Old Bakery’ Gin Cocktails became a way of life. Both Anand and Simon were so unbelievably smitten by this ‘holiest of spirits’, that they eventually began experimenting on their own, coming out with concoctions that tasted as wild as they sounded.


Reality bites they say, and so it did for the pair, one fine day (as far as typical English weather goes). Here they were, sitting on an honest-to-goodness gold mine of mixology ideas never experienced by the world at large, yet they had no platform that could be used to share them. ‘So, why not start a website?’ One of the two suggested, and the first seed for the brand that would become ‘BOOZEHUT’, was thus planted.

The first version of the idea took several evolutionary turns over the course of time. The duo’s novel cocktail recipes would only work if people exclusively used that particular brand of artisanal spirit. Which meant that to promote a recipe, they first had to spread the word about the different brands. But why just stop at promoting those brands, why not sell them as well? It was this kind of back and forth and throwing around of ideas (done over countless hours spent at countless pubs), that culminated with both Anand and Simon deciding in unison; would sell a selection of artisanal beers, wines, and spirits, as well as related experiences and events, along with serving ideas and recipes. Quite the evolutionary turn for an idea, that came into being after two friends indulged in some particularly good gin.

Skills and smarts-wise, both of them were geared to handle the challenges of launching the brand. Simon had experience as a licensee for two famous London pubs located on Old Kent Road, while Anand was a self-made and established entrepreneur. Between them, the duo also had close relationships with many artisanal distillers and brewers such as ‘Old Bakery’ and ‘Rebellion’; brands that were tired of mainstream offerings saturating the market, and were looking to make an entrance with the kind of style and swagger was portraying.

The ‘hut’ is now live, and your tab is now open…

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