Doghouse – Rhubarb & Raspberry


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500ml (50cl)

This delicious Rhubarb and Raspberry gin by Doghouse Distillery is pink, yes.. but with their Renegade Gin as it’s base it’s got a good sprinkling of rebellion thrown in too! Not too sweet, but deliciously fruity and super smooth… (and super cool)!

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Sideways is the name given to all the small batch, experimental, limited edition products made by Doghouse Distillery. Doghouse.. but sideways. (And of course there is always the danger you might get a bit sideways when drinking them!)

Taste Notes: Leafy coupled with floral and rhubarb on the nose, a heavy dose of rhubarb when it hits your palate then light juniper creeps in before a solid dose of raspberry to finish. Super smooth and not too sweet due to the heavy natural sweetness created by the fruits.

Perfect Serve: Light Tonic and fresh raspberries.






500ml (50cl)


Doghouse Distillery


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