Doghouse – Sloe Gin


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500ml (50cl)

This Sloe Gin by Doghouse Distillery is made using Norfolk sloe berries. The sloes are macerated for several months in their Renegade Gin and then pressed, strained and bottled. Not too sickly, this Sloe gin is the perfect amount of bitter and sweet, and not quite as tart as their Damson Gin.

Sidewayz is the name given to all the small batch, experimental, limited edition products made by Doghouse Distillery. Doghouse.. but sideways. (And of course there is always the danger you might get a bit sideways when drinking them!)

Taste Notes: Epic marzipan and light berry on the nose followed by a full, rich bitter sweet palate of fruity goodness, with a hint of almond to finish.

Perfect Serve: Drink neat or on ice or enjoy with Lemon Tonic and a slice of Lemon.






50ml (5cl)


Doghouse Distillery


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