Pothecary – Cinnamon Twist


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500ml (50cl)

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Here we have a spiced variant of Pothecary Gin’s Sicilian Blend, which features Sicilian Orange, Sicilian Lemon and Sicilian Almonds, dubbed Cinnamon Twist! It was released in winter 2019, and each botanical is distilled separately before they’re all blended together. Obviously, the stars of this show are citrus and spice, with Ceylon Cinnamon giving it that warmth. Should make an intriguing addition to a Martini, this. Also worth trying as a hot G&Tea with Chamomile tea and a slice of fresh orange to garnish, sugar to taste… delicious!

Taste Notes: A dusting of warm cinnamon spice kicks things off, leading into subtle peppery juniper and waves of sweet, oily citrus, with woody pine on the finish.






500ml (50cl)




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