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With our dandy hare and our gypsy fox, our goal is to rejuvenate the image of cider and make Wignac an exceptional and enjoyable drink that will transport you into a unique world where tradition meets innovation.

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Once Upon A Time, There Was A Young Girl, The Youngest Daughter Of The Marquis De Wignacourt.

A natural cider that is made of 100% pure fruit juice; Wignac is the renaissance of a legacy that long lay lost and unremembered. The brand’s roots stem from the ‘Belle Époque’ era in the region of the pre-Ardennes ridges (France), where the family Marquis de Wignacourt held and cultivated rich apple orchards; the fruit of which produced a luxuriant cider.

Two World Wars and a century later, all that was left of the Wignacourt family was their documented history. Today, the descendants of the little marquis; the last-born Wignacourt, are on a mission to revive the orchards and restore the way of life in the region to what it was before. How do they plan on achieving this goal? The answer is cider.

The reinvented Wignac Cider is crisp and vibrant; offered in a range of flavours that keep on expanding. Above all, they are extremely healthy thanks to the natural fruit content. Come. Be a part of the revival, as the future of cider takes a refreshing turn in revisiting the past…

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Woodland replaced gardens of fruit trees. The Ardennes region is today the one that suffers most from the rural exodus in France.

The descendants of the little Marquise created Wignac to revive the orchards and bring back the cider tradition in the region.

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