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Craft Gin in London

Sourced From Small Distilleries Producing Craft Gin

Our Craft Gin selection represents some of the best examples available in London. Be it high-strength & smooth, classic mid-volume, or delicate & fruity; gin aficionados are in for a round of pleasant surprises when they partake from our exclusive small-batch offerings. Made for quality, the gins from Booze Hut hold suave and sophistication in every drop; delivering a high sailing vibe that you will not want to see the end of…

If you are a conscientious drinker, it may have come to your attention that there is a growing demand for gin. What is interesting about this sudden upsurge in popularity for the spirit, is that the trend has been set off by none other than Craft Gin. Craft Gin (for the record and for your knowledge), are those gins that are distilled in small batches based on a maker’s philosophy of creating highly nuanced spirits. Distillers of Craft Gin typically source their ingredients locally, a practice that helps them infuse a very distinctive identity to their gins. With so much meticulous effort and love going in to the manufacturing process, it can only be expected that the outcome would be nothing short of a superior and refined drinking experience.

As with any widespread trend, there is always a degree of pretence exhibited by some claiming to be purveyors of the real deal. It is no different with Craft Gin. Many distillers and gin clubs have taken to adding the ‘craft’ label to their gin offering, simply as a way of capitalizing on the ongoing movement. But don’t you become a sucker for any of them! Here at Booze Hut we have curated a premium Craft Gin selection that you can enjoy with the knowledge that each is a highly authentic product; sourced from hardworking and passionate distillers from around London and all of the UK. We have made it well known that all brands who wish to partner with us in expanding our offering, must assure clarity in the provenance of their gins. It is through such stringent measures that we have been able to deliver on a promise of quality-driven spirit connoisseurship – Big, bold words; which we felt suited the situation considering that it is gin we are talking about. But, now, enough talk. Let’s get down to some proper and refined drinking. Our selection awaits…

Old Bakery

Craft Gin


Craft Gin

Dog House

Craft Gin

Taxi Spirit (Cabby's)

Craft Gin
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